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Another benefit can be that this robot can be an introductory model and prepares people for the later use of assistive eldercare robots.

Robots will become part of our everyday life Gates, and an early confrontation with a robot can help us to get used to them and ease the familiarizations process.

Based on these positive findings it is required to test if these effects can also be detected on other audiences.

What kind of robot could be used to improve the quality of life of the elderly, aged 60 to 75 years? There is no clear answer to the question as for this audience no therapeutic entertainment robot exists.

To test its effectiveness, the elderly have to accept and familiarize with the robot. On account of this it is important to know how to design this robot.

More specifically this study addresses the research question: How do we have to design an entertainment therapy robot for the healthy elderly who are living independently in their homes?.

According to Hirsch, Forlizzi, Hyder, Goetz, Stroback and Kurtz the care of the elderly is a complex process in which social, emotional and environmental factors are important.

According to Dautenhahn a robot for this task is part of the human centred view and the robot cognition view. To be accepted, the robot has to be developed individually, focusing on the particular age group.

According to Scopelliti et al. Additionally, there is also a difference between gender and the acceptance of the robot. Women show more distrust compared to men Scopelliti et al.

If someone shall live with a robot, familiarization is required. Additionally, the findings so far provide a good basis. It should be explicitly stated that these findings are from different kind of robots domestic robots, therapy robots, rehabilitation robots, and so on and for different audiences.

It is not clear if these results are also valid for the elderly, aged 60 to 75 years. These previous findings can be divided into three categories: appearance, behavior and interaction, which will be described below.

Category one is the appearance of a robot which is based on the findings of Scopelliti et al. Pursuant to Scopelliti et al. Furthermore, the robot should be small as that reduces negative impacts of a robot, such as being anxious Scopelliti et al.

The second category concerns the behavior. Further, a robot will be more accepted if the behavior is perceived as being social Heerink et al.

According to Lee et al. Due to this definition this aspect relates to the next classification, the interaction category. The third category, the interaction category, contains features of the robot which are important within the interaction between human and robots.

As described in the second category a social robot needs to show meaningful interactions Lee et al. The socially intelligent iCat shows extrovert behavior, such as displaying empathy or sheltering a baby.

Not having a touch input causes negative effects: it would be received as unsocial, insensitive and machinelike Lee et al.

Furthermore, playfulness is in pursuance of Leite et al. Scopellti et al. Moreover, a feminine voice and the interaction through simple words improve the acceptance Scopelliti et al.

Based on the fact that there is no research conducted in this field, this study is an explorative examination.

A qualitative research is conducted to keep the research flexible and to get much information. The research is extended with quantitative data.

Due to the fact that this study is an explorative examination the present study used two kinds of robots, an electronic toy, called Furby and a Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.

The three categories: appearance, behavior and interaction were applied to the different robots. In concern to the appearance category the Mindstorm robot was in line with the findings of Scopelliti et al.

Paro recognizes light, body contact, sounds and reacts through eye, head and leg movements. The Furby also interacts with the environment via different sensors.

Irrespectively of the head and leg movements the Furby shows the same features as Paro. In addition, the Furby has some other features, such as talking and singing.

The Furby was used to investigate if a simple robot with some basic functions is sufficient to entertain the elderly during their daily activities.

In contrast the Lego Mindstorm robot was programed to show social behavior based on the fact that much research implies that a robot, which is interacting with humans, has to be socially intelligent to increase the likelihood of being accepted Saini et al.

For details how the other features of the three categories are applied to the robots see method section.

To answer the main question: How do we have to design an entertainment therapy robot for the healthy elderly who are living independently in their homes?

As exploratory research starts without hypotheses Vos, the following sub questions help to answer the main question: 1 How do the subjects evaluate the external designs of the robots?

The sub questions one to three are based on the three categories appearance, behavior and interaction, described above.

The goal of this study is thus to identify acceptability requirements which produce guidelines for a robot design that aims to improve life quality of the elderly.

Method Participants Twelve German participants, including six males and six females, were recruited via the snowball principle.

All subjects live independently in their homes and none of the participants had prior experience with a care robot.

The Lego Mindstorm was controlled by an Anroid-based tablet. For the analyses the experiments were audio recorded and filmed. Furby One of the robots was a German version of the Furby, first generation.

It is a commercially available electronic toy, developed by Tiger Electronics and distributed by Hasbro since The features of the Furby can be divided into the three categories, appearance, behavior and interaction.

The appearance of the robot resembles a mix between a mouse, a cat and an owl or a bat see Figure 2. It is a small robot with a height of 14 centimeters, which had been shown to be an advantage concerning acceptability of robots Scopelliti et al.

The Furby can move its ears, mouth and close its eyes. These features relate to the behavior category. The last classification is the interaction category.

The toy interacts with the environment via different sensors. It includes a sensor on the belly and one on the back, which perceive human touching.

Furthermore, there is a sensor in the mouth which can be pressed to feed the toy, a light, a sound and a motion sensor. The Furby reacts to the environment through talking.

Initially the Furby talks only "furbish", for instance the word cloud is translated into "ay-loh-may-lah". Over time and intensive engagement the robot learns normal words.

The vocabulary of the Furby is limited to Furbish and German words. Lego Mindstorm is a tool kit for building and programming robots.

The recent findings, represented in the introduction, were taken into account as much as possible.

For convenience the robot was called Johan. The description of the robot is also divided into the three categories, appearance, behavior and interaction.

For the appearance category the findings of Scopelliti et al. This model includes a color sensor in the right arm and an ultrasound sensor in its head.

The second category concerns the behavior of the robot. The robot can walk forward, backward and dance. Scopelliti et al.

A further finding related to behavior is that it has to be perceived as social to be more accepted Heerink et al.

Based on the definition of Lee et al. To invoke the impression of a social robot, the robot was programed in a way that it reacted to instructions of the subject.

The numbers one to nine had different functions, as for example the number one to walk forward Appendix A. This controlling process made it possible that the robot reacted to the subject.

Furthermore, the interaction category includes talking and a game. According to the findings of Scopelliti et al.

Due to the fact that the standard voice of the Mindstorm robot is a male voice and English, the robots voice was installed manually.

It was also found that playfulness is an important factor for the acceptance of the robot Leite et al. The standard interaction game of the Mindstorm was programed to increase the playfulness factor.

For this game, color balls green, blue, yellow and red were required, which are part of the Lego set. If the subject gave a ball of another color the robot threw the ball away.

That went on until the robot recognized the green ball and then it started to dance. This feature made it possible to create an interaction process.

Figure 2. This Furby was used in the current study. Figure 3. The color balls were required for the interaction game.

The aim of the study, to identify some basic acceptability requirements, could best be detected through the think aloud method.

It would be difficult for the subjects to explain what a robot has to look and behave like if they have never interacted with one. Since this study is an explorative examination the think aloud method was a good technique to get rich verbal data and get insight into the thought processes "Think-aloud method", associated with the two robots.

To develop designer principles it is important to understand the cognitive processes. Additional to the think aloud method semi-structured interviews were accomplished Appendix B.

The few questions were based on the four sub questions: 1 How do the subjects evaluate the external designs of the robots?

Diagonal of the subject the camera and the recorder were positioned. Due to the fact that this study used the Wizard of Oz method the researcher stood behind the subject, so that it was not seen that the Lego Mindstorm robot was guided.

The experimental setup is shown in Figure 4. Figure 4: This figure shows the experimental setup of the recent research.

The subject sat at the table and faced the two robots. The researcher stood behind the subject. All twelve participants got an instruction Appendix C at the beginning of the experiment.

Additionally, the subject got the information that they can use the balls for the Lego Mindstorm and it reacts on orders, which the participants should explore.

According to Van Someren et al. On this basis the elderly also got an explanation of the purpose of the study. After the instruction the participants had to sign an informed consent Appendix D.

For many people the think aloud method is unknown and it is difficult to vocalize their thoughts Van Someren et al. Therefore, Van Someren et al.

As a practice trial the participants got the instruction to build a paper airplane and verbalize their thoughts.

To minimize the effect of the recorder and the camera, the practice trial was already recorded and filmed so that the subjects could get used to it.

Subsequently, the test person interacted approximately five minutes with each robot. To avoid an effect of sequence six subjects 3 males and 3 females started the interaction with the Furby and continued with Johan.

The other ones started with Johan. Due to the fact that there is no off-modus of the Furby and it keeps talking, the researcher took the battery out of the Furby if it was not in use.

The researcher had a passive role and just intervened if the subject did not think out loud, by reminding the subject to do so. After finishing the interaction process the semi-structured interviews Appendix B were executed.

For the interview the researcher sat at the table. At the end of the experiment the subjects were debriefed through telling that the researcher guided the Lego Mindstorm.

Analysis The audio files were transliterated for the transcripts see Appendix E The data was sorted into five categories for an excerpt see Appendix F.

Category one to three, appearance, behavior and interaction are based on the founded categories of the recent researches. Category four, additional design principles for a robot, is based on the fourth sub question, What are other desirable aspects of a robot?.

The last category, other, came up through the coding process. The categories contain aspects based on the following definitions. The appearance category includes all external physical aspects of the robot and includes also the handling of the robots.

The second category, behavior, includes all kinds of movements which are observable and independent of the subject, for instance eye movement or walking.

Interaction is the third category and composes all actions of an interrelationship between human and robot. This category includes communication and the interactive affection of the human and the robot.

Additionally, categories one to three contain improvement suggestions which are relevant for the corresponding category. Additional 1 The subject numbers 1 to 6 are females and the numbers 7 to 12 males.

This category includes additional functions which were evaluated as necessary, for instance cleaning. Therefore this category consists of conclusions or opinions about the robots.

Subsequently, the statements of the different categories were split into the two different robots and distinguished into positive, negative or neutral statements Appendix G.

If it was not clearly a positive or negative statement, the quotation was classified as neutral. The constant comparison method was used to identify typologies.

The second part of the analysis, sorting the quotations of the different codes into the table, was verified by the interrater reliability. A second independent rater also classified the quotation of the categories one to three in positive, negative or neutral statements.

To assign the consistency among raters the Kappa statistic was determined with SPSS 20, software for quantitative data analysis. Since this research aims to design an entertainment robot, the enjoyment of the user is an important aspect.

Thus irrespective of the audio analysis, the video material was analyzed by counting the face expressions of the subjects which reflect happiness.

The facial expressions were scored as reflecting happiness when the mouth corners were raised. The laugh frequency was used to compare the two robots and to examine if there is a gender difference.

This quantitative data was analyzed by SPSS 20 using graphical representations. The Kappa statistic was utilized, using SPSS 20, to calculate the agreement of the researcher with another independent judge.

For the videography see the CD, Appendix H. Results Results are distinguished into the categories appearance, behavior, interaction, other and additional design principles for a robot.

According to Landis and Koch an agreement of 0. Due to the good degree of agreement among the two raters the categorization into positive, negative or neutral is reliable.

Appearance As a result of constant comparison the quotations of the appearance category were classified into two types, type A and B.

An overview of the typologies is presented in Table 1. In contrast, the five type B subjects judged the appearance of Johan as positive and the type A subjects as negative.

The fact that the subjects started with a different robot had no effect on the classification into the types. In type A three subjects started the interaction with the Furby and two subjects with Johan.

In type B two subjects started with the Furby and three with Johan. Within the other categories no typologies were found. For instance subject 4 type A mentioned the Furby throughout all categories in a positive manner and Johan in negative manner.

Table 1. Subjects of this type assessed the appearance negatively. Johan Subjects of type A had a negative attitude towards Johan.

Type B subjects judged the appearance of Johan as good. In the brackets are the number of the subjects who correspond to the statement.

According to them females prefer the Furby and males prefer the Mindstorm robot. Due to the constant comparison method there was no gender difference found within the two types.

Since the statements about the eyes and ears were inconsistent with the two types the judgments concerning the eyes and ears are excluded from the typologies.

The guy has nice eyes, hm. The size of the eyes, the eye movements and the eyelashes were appraised as affirmative. On the contrary one subject judged the gaze of the Furby as suspicious but also as funny.

Another person judged the gaze as melancholic. Yes and the ears have also turned out well. One of these subjects belongs to type A and the other to type B.

The appearance is appealing and lets say compensating. Da vermutet man nichts negatives, egal was der dann vielleicht nachher macht.

However, one subject 4 , type A, suggested that the Furby needs to be softer in order to be cuddlier and a little bit bigger.

This subject related the robot usage to the elderly with dementia. Furthermore, the fact that you can pick up the Furby and carry it the handling was evaluated positively.

The handiness of the robot seemed to have a positive effect. One subject 8 mentioned explicitly the form of the robot which could have a good impact on other people.

Subject 1 was worried about the hygiene due to the reason that it is not possible to wash the coat of the Furby. Type A subjects evaluated the appearance of Johan as negative because it is colorless and too angular.

Furthermore, the design was designated as cold and too electronic. Two subjects estimated that the robot has to be less mechanical and needs some sort of cover or costume to make it more human.

One participant 8 suggested that the robot could wear a jacket and trousers to look more like a human. It is also mentioned that the cover should minimize the risk of damage and it would make the robot handier.

Moreover, the robots present appearance was described as breakable. Subject 4 is the only participant of type A which was consistent throughout all categories.

She had an aversion to Johan and a positive attitude towards the Furby throughout the apperance, behavior and interaction category. Type B Essentially, for me this thing looks extremely ugly.

The subjects evaluated the external design of the Furby as poor, ugly, strange and deformed. The appearance of the Furby was criticized because it looks like a toy.

The technical appearance made the robot more attractive. It was described as humanly and one subject 10 stated that it was easier to talk to this kind of a robot than towards an animalistic robot.

The strict and robotic look was more attractive for some subjects, also because it is not excessive. One subject 11 stated that the external design of the Mindstorm robot matches with the conception of how a robot has to look like.

Contrarily to the last argument, one subject 5 claimed similar to two subjects of type A that the robot needs some sort of cover.

This participant did not have a conception of a typical cover. Subjects 10 and 11 were consistent with the type B categorization throughout all three categories.

Some important aspects are mentioned in the following section. Due to contradictory statements, subject 3 could not be categorized into one type.

On the one hand the subject preferred the appearance of the Furby to that of Johan. On the other hand she stated that the humanly look of Johan is an important aspect for her.

According to her, the robot could have the same look as the present Mindstorm robot has. Due to these contradictory statements subject 3 was excluded from the typologies.

Regardless of this fact statements of subject 3 were still used in this study. The second subject which could not be categorized is subject Concerning Johan, this participant argued that the electronic part is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time.

By reason of the technical look of Johan, the electronic appearance was described as a disadvantage. Oppositional, the subject stated that the electronic part is the fascinating one.

Behavior Beside the three subjects who were consistent throughout all categories, no other subjects were consistent concerning the behavior.

Further regularities were not found. Der hat kein Verhalten, der hat eine Miniprogrammierung, die er auf Knopfdruck von sich gibt. He utilizes the atmosphere and probably works with it afterwards.

Die Stimmung aufbrauchen, um dann damit nachher vielleicht zu arbeiten. Furthermore, the limited movements were evaluated as negative.

Johan For me, he can only do the same movements. He turns a little bit, he takes the ball, the green one, says green, yellow and throws them down.

Wirft die runter. Aber ich sehe nicht den Sinn des Ganzen im Augenblick. He is already highly sophisticated. Der ist schon auf ziemlich hohen Stand.

Due to frequently repetition of the same movements, the subjects stated that there is more variability required. One subject 12 judged the walking process as strange and was wondering why the robot did not fall.

The walking behavior was interpreted as an advance or avoidance behavior of the robot. If the robot walked towards the subject the behavior was interpreted as approach behavior.

If the robot walked backward it was interpreted in the opposite way that it tried to avoid the subject.

On the one hand the flexibility was seen as an advantage and on the other hand there was the demand for more movements, for instance head movement, arm movement, opening the arms and the possibility to grip something.

One subject 11 argued that more movements would make the robot more interesting and plausible. Interaction Preliminary it should be considered that the interaction with Johan was only possible due to the use of the Wizard of Oz method.

None of the subjects realized that Johan was guided. Only one subject 4 asked if the Furby was manipulated. The television is a passive medium and one can only sit in front of it.

Soon it probably can say change it or it already works today, change the program. But this one, I touch it and he talks to me.

Aber der, den pack ich an und der redet mit mir. The poor articulation was frequently mentioned as a negative aspect of the Furby.

One subject 1 stated that the robot has no use if it is not understandable. The subjects had the feeling that they had no influences on Furby.

Only one subject 10 had the feeling that he could affect the Furby through stimulating different sensors which lead to different reactions and usage of different words.

Further negative points were the missing speech cognition and the fact that the Furby only reacted if you lift it up. The subjects evaluated it as annoying that the Furby needed to be stimulated and did not start some actions by itself.

At the beginning, some subjects felt helplessness and did not know what they had to do to animate the Furby.

The singing Furby was specified in positive terms. One subject 4 got a suitable reaction, she lifted the Furby up and then it asked to let it down, which was evaluated as funny.

Subject 9 mentioned the active form of the Furby, compared to the passive medium television in a positive manner.

However, these subjects did not evaluate the interaction process for a robot for their own use, these judgments were related to a robot for the usage of the elderly with dementia.

Johan The interaction is certainly limited. And I think there will be possibilities to build such a robot or robots like this more difficile, that it has more possibilities.

And basically he behaved as you asked from him, what was within his opportunities. Die Farben erkennen vor allen Dingen.

The interaction was interpreted as a possibility to have a conversation with the robot and the robot created the impression to be rational.

The interpretation of a friendly and polite robot resulted from the possibility to interact with the robot. Furthermore, the quick reactions were valued and described as an interrelationship between human and robot.

Leaving aside How to design an entertainment robot for the healthy elderly? Five subjects judged the interaction game with the colored balls as positive and admired the fact that the robot can recognize the colors.

In contrast to the last fact some subjects interpreted the act of throwing the balls away part of the interaction game as an antipathy of the robot.

It was interpreted as a sign that the robot would like to stop the game. Only one subject 10 was satisfied with the present responses to the different orders and would not add any other features.

Concerning the negative aspects, the fact that the robot was hard to understand was frequently alluded.

Only one subject 9 judged the understandability as good. The robot should talk loud and clear so that even the elderly with hearing aid can understand it.

Furthermore, there is a demand that the robot has a wider range of vocabulary. Participant 4 and 6 mentioned that a robot conversation cannot be like a human conversation.

The fact that the language was limited to a few words and that the robot could give just stored vocabulary was seen as a disadvantage of a robot.

In addition a robot should not say no, the robot should do what is requested. A robot should be adaptive and it should follow orders.

One subject 3 argued that it felt strange to talk to a machine and another subject 4 stated that there was no communication possible.

A last negative point is the limitation of capabilities of the robot. The subjects stated that the robot needs more variation to entertain someone.

Additional design principles for a robot The utility would be important for me. For me it would be more important that he can give me recipes.

Thus I would find it pleasant if he is useful. There is no demand for a robot which only conduces as an entertainment robot.

A robot should be useful and help humans in their everyday life. A robot should support the elderly, people in need of care and do things which people begrudgingly do, as for instance mopping the ground.

Further supporting actions which were mentioned are: vacuuming, cleaning, helping to get into the stair lift, picking up objects, passing objects to the elderly, mowing the lawn, supporting the cooking process, reading a book and reminding the people to take their pills.

The functions should be easy to understand and there is a demand to get a good instruction. I can imagine that people who are only sitting at home lonely and twice a day the nursing service comes by and otherwise they are on their own that they say the robot is like a dog.

This category also includes the final conclusion of the subjects about the robots. The Furby was often described as a toy and that it has limited functions to entertain someone.

A few subjects did not know what they should do with such a robot and stated that it would be boring very quickly.

As a result of the limited functions the Furby was often described as stupid and some subjects stated that they would give it away quickly.

As opposed to this the Furby was described as funny. Three subjects mentioned that the use of this robot could be effective for the elderly, dementia patients or people who are living alone.

The second robot, Johan, was described as humanly and intelligent. One subject 1 judged the name Johan to be suitably due to the fact that in books and films Johan is often the butler.

This robot could also be a butler and support humans. There was an immense interest in how Johan works and the technology was seen as a challenge.

This subject would also like How to design an entertainment robot for the healthy elderly? Conversely, the technology led to an aversion of robots.

Some subjects judged the robot as too complicated. Video Through the video analysis the laugh frequencies were counted. Due to the large standard deviation in the amount of laughs for the different subjects, the relative laugh frequency is used.

The most laughs were found for Johan Figure 5 shows that nine subjects had relative a higher laugh frequency in the Johan condition compared to the Furby condition.

In two cases more laughs were detected in the Furby condition compared to the Johan condition and one subject had a similar laugh frequency relating to both robots.

Figure 6 shows the comparison between type A en type B concerning the relative laugh frequencies. For the distribution of the laughs see Table 2.

Example: Laugh frequency of a woman in the Furby condition is abbreviated through fWF. Bar graph showing the relative laugh frequency by robot separately for each subject.

Bar graph showing the relative laugh frequency by robot and typology. Neither the constant comparison method nor the video analysis showed a gender difference in relation to the two robots.

However, on the basis of the think aloud method and the semi-structured interviews some important aspects could be identified. Relating the sub questions of this research: 1 How do the subjects evaluate the external designs of the robots?

Concerning the overall appearance no design was preferred explicitly. There is no specific design that appeals to all people.

This result is consistent with the hypotheses of Dautenhahn that, among others, different appearance preferences are the reason why one robot for all will not exist.

Furthermore, Scopelliti et al. The reason why subjects experienced Johan as friendly and polite were according to Tay Tiong Chee, Taezoon, Xu, Ng and Tan the humanoid features which lead to a friendlier impression of robots.

Additionally, the eyes are an important aspect of the robot independent of the two types. Big eyes and eye movements are important aspects for a robot and improve the acceptance.

This is in line with the concept of the baby schema Kindchenschema which was postulated by Konrad Lorenz Vicedo, According to Vicedo the baby schema includes among others huge eyes and implicates that something is seen as cute.

Overall, more laughs were detected in the Johan condition. It is noticeable that the subjects often laughed if Johan said thanks or gave a suitable answer.

Due to this finding a possible explanation of the higher laugh frequency in the Johan condition is the possibility of the social interaction, for instance having a conversation.

Because of time restrictions, a more thorough video analysis showing the precise factors causing the laughs was not possible.

Type A subjects, who had a positive attitude towards the Furby, had fewer laughs in the Furby condition compared to the Johan condition.

Type B subjects had less laughs in the Furby condition as well. Nevertheless, the relative amount of laughs in the Furby condition was higher for type A subjects compared to type B subjects.

This indicates that the typologies based on the appearance have some correlation on the laugh frequency.

Further, the three subjects, whose statements were consistent with their type classification throughout all categories, were analyzed separately.

The laugh frequencies of two subjects were in line with their overall consistency. More laughs of subject 4 were detected in the Furby condition compared to laughs about Johan.

This is in line with her classification into type A, positive attitude towards the Furby and an aversion for Johan. The laugh detection of subject 11, type B, is also in line with the consistency of the subject.

He had throughout all categories an aversion for the Furby and a positive attitude towards Johan. Concerning the laugh frequency of subject 11, fewer laughs were detected in the Furby condition.

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